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Namdhari Seeds Pvt, Ltd.

Founded in 1985, Namdhari Seeds initially concentrated on contract seed production for exports. In first decade, it emerged as one of the largest contract seed producer of vegetables and flowers. Simultaneously breeding programs were started to develop suitable hybrids for the Indian market in important vegetable crops. Our first hybrids were released in the Indian market in 1992 which were very successful. Inspired by the success of our hybrids there was an increased emphasis and investment in breeding which resulted into the position of leadership in Indian vegetable seed industry. Presently, Namdhari Seeds is one of the largest vegetable seed companies in India. We offer more than 500 hybrids and varieties in 20 different crops globally. Our research team strives to develop suitable hybrids for diverse market requirements. Major emphasis is on regional preferences, adaptability, disease resistance, yield, taste and shelf life. The product development team acts in close co-ordination with R&D and marketing and conducts trials, extensively in the farmer’s fields before releasing to the market. Close interaction of marketing & product development team with the farmers ensures that best products reach the farmer. Although the major concentration of our production is in India, to overcome seasonal limitations, capabilities have been developed to produce seeds in different locations worldwide. With successes achieved in the domestic scenario, Namdhari Seeds has also expanded its activities to S.E.Asian countries (Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) and Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi) besides Turkey. Our hybrids have been accepted in many of these markets. The company has now diversified into field crops and developed cotton and rice hybrids. We at Namdhari Seeds understand the importance of the seeds in relation to livelihood and prosperity of the farmer.
Products And Services
Cucumber seeds - NS 492 (KUK-2)
In stock 
This medium maturity hybrid is for open field cultivation. The cylindrical fruits measuring 14x 4 cm long weighing 100-120g with attractive, slightly ribbed and dark green color fruits.
Group: Seeds of cucumber
Tomato seeds - NS 539 (6H 139)
In stock 
An ideal choice for non-staked system of cultivation. This superior yielding hybrid produces smooth, oblate shaped fruits, 80-90g and acidic in taste. It is suggested for cultivation especially in summer being tolerant to TLCV.
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Tomato seeds - Vaibhav
In stock 
A tall determinate, early maturity hybrid with superb yields and recommended in South India during summer when TLCV is present. The attractive smooth, oval shaped fruits weigh 90-100g with admirable red color having excellent firmness
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Carrot seeds - NS 854 F1
In stock 
An early nantes type (65-70 days), high quality, high yielding hybrid. The hybrid has vigorous top with tolerance to leaf spot. The superior quality roots are 18-20 cm long, deep orange in color, smooth and cylindrical with self colored core and sweet to taste. Small core, crispy and sweet...
Group: Seeds of carrot
Cauliflower seeds - NS 66
In stock 
A mid late season cauliflower hybrid with excellent uniformity and curd quality. Plants are very vigorous with good blanch. Curds are compact and smooth, dome shaped with excellent firmness and density. Each curd weighs 1.5 - 1.75 Kg with excellent attractive pure white colour and a maturity of...
Group: Seeds of cauliflower
Watermelon seeds - Chetan (NS 700)
In stock 
A high yielding icebox size watermelon hybrid weighing 2.5-3.5 Kg. Fruits are oval to oblong in shape with tough rind, dark green in colour having visible darker green stripes. Flesh is deep crimson red with a very good granular texture and sweetness (TSS 12-13 ). It has a maturity of 60- 65...
Group: Seeds of watermelon
Watermelon seeds - NS 295
In stock 
A vigorous medium to early hybrid (85-90 days) with good adaptability. Fruits are oval to oblong in shape, each weighing 9 -10 Kg. Rind is light green with dark green stripes. Flesh is deep crimson red with good texture and sweetness (TSS 12-13 ). Good transport and keeping qualities are other...
Group: Seeds of watermelon
Cauliflower seeds - NS 60N
In stock 
A uniform typical summer cauliflower with early maturity (50 - 55 days). It is a medium vigorous hybrid with open canopy and yielding white colour semi dome shaped curds. Each curd weighs 0.75 - 1.0 Kg with good firmness and compactness. It has wide adaptability.
Group: Seeds of cauliflower
Cabbage seeds - NS 151
In stock 
50-55 days maturity, medium firm, vigorous, light green leaves, round shaped head weight 1.0-1.2kg each, with short field holding.
Group: Seeds


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